Why Study in IoST ?

IoST is the major outlet for interdisciplinary & innovative research at Tribhuvan University. About 50% of TU's citations come from IoST. Research can inform decision-making in higher education by providing evidence-based recommendations for policies and practices that can improve student outcomes and enhance the overall quality of education. Research can also help identify areas of need and opportunities for innovation and improvement. We offer 8 degrees at the Undergraduate & 19 degrees at the Graduate level in various disciplines of Science & Technology. In addition, the Ph.D. program is running in 13 interdisciplinary areas for new disciplina... ... ...

Institute of Science & Technology



Application of Min-research
BIT First to Sixth Semester Curriculum
B.SC. CSIT's course of Study-2074
B.SC. तेस्राे र चाैथाे वर्षकाे परिमार्जि...
B.Sc. I & II Year Syllabus
BIT 1st to 4th semester Syllabus